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Taking a Chance Quotes to Help You to Seize an Opportunity.

The possibilities are endless as long as we’re willing to take a chance on securing the correct one. The quickest way to lose a chance is to not take it at all. Doesn’t it seem that we fail at the same time that we don’t participate?

Success and failure are nothing more than outcomes. Taking a chance and putting in an honest effort is what counts. Never be afraid to take a chance. No matter what happens, you will be able to try again. However, you will leverage your past experiences this time, which is what matters the most.

Great things will require more skill and ability than we currently possess. We go beyond the boundaries when we aim to exceed them.

Don’t let fear of failure keep you from trying. Recognize that not taking a chance is no less than failure. Success comes from taking action. Don’t wait for anything and just get started. Every moment is an opportunity to take the first step. 

Here are some quotes about taking a chance to motivate you to push yourself every day.

Take a Chance Quotes to Motivate You to Take the First Step

  • You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. – Wayne Gretzky
  • Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear. – George Addair
  • The secret of getting ahead is getting started. –  Mark Twain
  • When we allow ourselves to become vulnerable, to take chances, and to risk our pride, that is when we find our own glory. – Richard Corman
  • Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do. – H. Jackson Brown, Jr.
  • You will never experience personal growth, if you fear taking chances. – T Sorensen
  • Never let your fear of the unknown and things being too difficult make your choices for you in life. One of the saddest lessons in life is finding out that your fear made the situation worse than what it was and a braver person stole the dream you gave up on. – Shannon L. Alder
  • Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying. – Roy T. Bennett
  • Test fast, fail fast, adjust fast. – Tom Peters
  • I’ve found that luck is quite predictable. If you want more luck, take more chances. Be more active. Show up more often. – Brian Tracy

Failing to take a chance is no less a failure

  • The size of your dreams must always exceed your current capacity to achieve them. – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf
  • Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. – Dale Carnegie
  • If you stop being afraid of the word no and take more chances, you will get more yes. – Jeanette Coron
  • We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated. – Maya Angelou
  • There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living. – Nelson Mandela
  • The important thing is not being afraid to take a chance. Remember, the greatest failure is to not try. Once you find something you love to do, be the best at doing it. – Debbi Fields
  • Nothing’s ever simple. I just don’t want you to ignore possibilities out of fear. Sometimes you have to take a leap of faith, believing that somebody’s going to catch you. – Nadia Lee
  • When something extraordinary shows up in your life in the middle of the night, you give it a name and make it the best home you can. – Barbara Kingsolver
  • Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. – Thomas Edison

It’s better to try and fail than not to try at all

  • The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. – Lao Tzu
  • Each failure to sell will increase your chances for success at your next attempt. – Og Mandino
  • You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great. – Zig Ziglar
  • Take a chance! All life is a chance. The man who goes farthest is generally the one who is willing to do and dare. – Dale Carnegie
  • Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. – T. S. Eliot
  • Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game. – Babe Ruth
  • 99 percent of success is built on failure. – Charles Kettering
  • A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing. – George Bernhard Shaw
  • The difference between a successful person and others is not lack of strength not a lack of knowledge but rather a lack of will. – Vince Lombardi
  • You learn so much from taking chances, whether they work out or not. Either way, you can grow from the experience and become stronger and smarter. – John Legend

Failure serves as a stepping stone when we learn from our mistakes

  • You can measure opportunity with the same yardstick that measures the risk involved. They go together. – Earl Nightingale
  • Being defeated is often temporary, giving up makes it permanent. – Marilyn von Savant
  • If you aren’t making some mistakes, you aren’t taking enough chances. – John Sculley
  • If you are never scared, embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take chances. – Julia Soul
  • What you do today can improve all your tomorrows. – Ralph Marston
  • Nothing will ever be attempted, if all possible objections must be first overcome. – Samuel Johnson
  • I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it. – Pablo Picasso
  • The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. – Nelson Mandela
  • The only safe thing is to take a chance. – Mike Nichols

Don’t let your fear of failure limit your vision

  • What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals. – Zig Ziglar
  • A man would do nothing, if he waited until he could do it so well that no one would find fault with what he has done. – Cardinal Newman
  • I fear the boredom that comes with not learning and not taking chances. – Robert Fulghum
  • A failure is not always a mistake, it may simply be the best one can do under the circumstances. The real mistake is to stop trying. – B. F. Skinner
  • The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible. – Arthur C. Clarke
  • Necessity is the mother of taking chances. – Mark Twain

We hope these motivational quotes on taking a chance inspire you and help you to seize the right opportunities. Share your favorite quote in the comments below.

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