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Do one thing every day that scares you.

Do one thing every day that scares you.
– Eleanor Roosevelt

Meaning of this quote:

Fear can only be overcome by facing it. When we overanalyze our fears, we only deepen them, but when we face them we overcome them. Make a commitment to do one thing per day that you’re afraid of, and let it grow your potential.

The only way to extend the scope is to do something outside of your scope. The best things come when one overcomes difficult challenges. 

All remarkable things are the result of overcoming significant obstacles. It’s certainly not easy, and it takes more than just hard work. That’s why only a few of us choose to engage in it.

When we overthink, we can end up creating mountains of doubts. The key is to just do it without worrying about it. Don’t lose faith in yourself because only actions can remove doubts.

Present yourself with a challenge every day

The real challenge comes from trying something new. Whenever we do something we aren’t familiar with, we are more likely to make a mistake. It is always a matter of getting used to it. This is why every time we try something new, new possibilities open up for us.

Make sure you do something every day that allows you to learn something new. Wisdom doesn’t come from winning or losing but from our experiences. Experimentation leads to greater experience.

Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear. - George Addair - SetQuotes

Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.
George Addair

There are two types of fear, good and bad. An example of healthy fear is the one that prevents us from driving too fast. In contrast, an unhealthy fear makes us avoid driving altogether.

The most important part of eliminating negative fear is to realize that it is not the fear that holds us back, but our own minds.

Find out what you always wanted to do but didn’t end up doing due to some sort of resistance. Make it your daily goal to cross off all those things.

We gain courage when we overcome obstacles

In terms of challenges or obstacles, they are not the same for everyone, they can be subjective. A challenge to one might not be a challenge to another, and vice versa.

Each individual develops resilience through their experiences. We become more resilient as we overcome obstacles, so certain challenges may no longer seem as daunting as they once did.

Courage is knowing what not to fear. – Plato

Courage is knowing what not to fear.

To overcome doubts, you must act, not overthink. Overthinking often makes even the simplest things more complicated.

An idea is one thing, but being able to bring it to life is another. Often, our own thoughts prevent us from taking action.

It does not take courage to do something within our sphere of expertise, but it takes courage to venture outside of our comfort zone. Our limits can only be expanded by pushing beyond them.

When we start from scratch, we are likely to make mistakes. If we are too afraid to make mistakes and let our fears win, we will never be able to get started. This is why the biggest failure is not taking on the challenge.

Do not let your fear of failure dictate what you can and cannot accomplish. Failure is inevitable when we allow fear to control us. Avoid allowing your fear to control you, overcome it instead. We reach beyond our potential when we allow ourselves to do so.

The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today.
Franklin D. Roosevelt

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