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Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Meaning of this quote:

A man needs his difficulties in-order to truly celebrate the success. A difficulty is the only way to fully understand what is the success and how it’s feeling. You can’t celebrate the lightness with the absence of darkness.

We all have to fight with the difficulties. The only way to be successful is being willing to fail without giving up. The path of success is difficult and it is full of the difficulties, But with the passion and hard work, your dream can be your reality.

Just remember one thing, Difficult roads often lead to the beautiful destination. If you’re driving on the difficult road that doesn’t mean you’re going to a wrong place. You must have to believe in yourself and in your dream. Before giving up just because the path is difficult, keep in mind one thing, Your beautiful destination is waiting for you.

Let’s go through the difficult roads because it will worth it to celebrate once we lead to the beautiful destination called success. You can never be proud of the success that is a result of luck or magic. But you can stand with the pride if it is a result of hard-work.

Man needs his difficulties:

A man needs his difficulties in-order to get success and live better and meaningful life. No one can celebrate the success if it isn’t the result of hard-work.

There are two ways to get success in that one way is called the path of freedom and another one is called road of the majority. The road of the majority is safe and smooth, People usually choose this path because they want success without getting crashed. Then there is another called path of freedom, here you can go anywhere as you want to go. Here there are no restrictions you can’t find any sign board you can go in any direction. The path of freedom is hard, but it can give you the freedom of being yourself.

Usually, on the road of the majority, people are unhappy because maybe they are going to their offices where they don’t want to go. Or they may be afraid of being late. Just remember one thing never choose the path just because the majority is following that. Today the majority of the people are unhappy because they are doing what they hate the most.

There are no traffic jams along the extra mile.
Roger Staubach

Always choose the path of freedom. The path of freedom is hard but, it will worth it. The path of the freedom is not smooth as the path of the majority, but you’ve to face the problems you’ve to fail in order to understand the beauty of success. Choose the path of freedom because life is all about enjoying the journey rather than the destination.

Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to fail:

Just remember one thing there is nothing like success and failure. Failure is much more important than success. Failure teaches us the solution of the real time problems. One way to get success is to keep failing. You’ve to go-through the difficulties, you’ve to face your problems without giving up.

Just keep in your mind one thing, You’ve to go through a lot of wrong roads to find the right one.



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