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Few Things To Be Learnt From Tropicana’s Packaging Redesign Failure​

Tropicana packaging redesign failure: This time we like to feature failure story which allows you to learn from past mistake. Tropicana packaging redesign is one of the re-branding disasters. And this mistake allows us to learn something about design and packing of products.

Tropicana doesn’t need any introduction, it is a very famous brand which sells the fruit juice worldwide. Tropicana brand is owned by PepsiCo, which decides to replace existing packaging of its best selling orange juice in North American market. However, newly redesigned package highly criticized and rejected by its customers. Because of this disaster Tropicana later bring back the old version of packaging.

Facts of Tropicana packaging redesign failure:

  1. Packaging design and campaign both were created by the same agency, Arnell. Tropicana invested 35 million dollars in an advertising campaign for promoting new fruit juice package.
  2. Tropicana’s sales revenue was more than 700 million per year at that time, On 8th January 2009 Tropicana introduce new product design, a few days later customer started criticizing the new design. Sales of Tropicana was dropped around 20%.
  3. On 23rd Fab 2009 Tropicana announced to return to its old packaging, And this redesign costs Tropicana more than 50 million dollars.

Main reasons for failure:

Tropicana’s Old Packaging - Tropicana packaging redesign failure
Tropicana’s Old Packaging (Image Source)

In old packaging, Tropicana logo was at top of the package in a horizontal read supported by an orange with a straw. Additionally, there were more details like it contains pulp or not which helps to customers in making a decision of buying the product or not.

Tropicana’s New Packaging - - Tropicana packaging redesign failure
Tropicana’s New Packaging (2009) (Image Source)

In the new packaging, the name Tropicana was at vertical read which makes extremely difficult for the consumer to read. And orange with straw replaced by glass. There was also no designation like pulp or pulp free product which makes consumers difficult to choose the right product.Tropicana’s Packaging Redesign Failure​ - case study

Beyond this, the packaging also changed the positioning, In the old packaging there was the positioning of high-quality juice that is so good like you’re drinking it right from the orange with straw.

In new packaging, positioning goes from being a high-quality juice to a glass of orange juice.

Things to learn from this:

There are several points which we can learn from Tropicana’s marketing strategy mistake.

  1. Elements on packaging
    Product identification and recognition should not be changed while modernizing the brand. Tropicana changed too many elements which can confuse the customers while purchasing the fruit juice.
  2. Emotional bonding with consumers
    consumers have an emotional feeling with the appearance of their favorite products, they can feel disappointed while they can’t identify new brand packaging.
  3. Product identity
    Packaging is the important part of consumers decision, Tropicana’s consumers failed to recognize or like new design which results in disaster.
Tropicana’s Packaging Redesign Failure​ - Learn case study
(Image Source)

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