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The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation.

The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation.
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Meaning of this quote:

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam says “The bird is powered by its own life and by its motivation”. A bird is powered by the motivation to eat and survive. Just like birds we all should be powered by our own life.

We all should have a dream and we need to tie the goals in-order to make it a reality. Remember one thing every great thing was just started as a dream. We all need to be like a bird who is powered by its own life and motivation.

The bird is powered by its own life:

The birds are self-motivated to survive and they fly in the search of food and that’s the reason why they are powered by own life. Birds give us the best lesson of self-motivation.

Self-motivation is the key to the success. All we need in our life is purpose and motivation. We all need to find the meaning of our life after all we all are here for some reasons. We all are already blessed with the beautiful thing called life.

The future belongs to those who are self-motivated and never give up no matter what happens in their life. Those who play in their comfort zone never going to achieve big. Great things come to those who leave their comfort zone. No magic is going to happen in your comfort zone. You must have the courage to follow your dreams. Never let any negativity be an obstacle in the path of your success.

All you need to live a happy life is meaning and purpose. Try to find the meaning of your life. Try to understand yourself. Figure out what makes you happy and remember one thing never try to chase happiness because you never going to be happy if you try to find the happiness. Always try to chase the dreams because it can give you ultimate happiness.

Be bold, be brave enough to be your true self.

Queen Latifah

Just keep in mind one thing quotes never going to work unless you do. We all have the great opportunity to live a wonderful life. All we need is hard work and patience to get success. Great things need a great time and it’s never going to happen overnight.

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